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Llama Ramblings

Wherein you find a bit of this, a dash of that, and a hearty helping of insanity

The GodLlama
16 July
This journal is friends-only. Feel free to leave a comment on the friends-only post if you'd like for me to add you, as I tend to not notice unless I get an email... I'm usually pretty accomodating. :)

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First the basics: 24/25 years throughout the year 2011, female, Human (presumably).

I am sarcastic. And snarky. And apparently funny as well.

I am a high school teacher. While I may have goody-two-shoes now, I have taught mostly special ed and behaviorly challenged freshmen before. These private school kids can't possibly scare me.

I live with my husband. Fun times are had here, usually involving Doctor Who, Star Wars, anime, or medieval history. Yes, we are dorks.

I have a Viking Kitty. His name is Loki and appears here occasionally.

I also have a Luau Kitty. Her name is Tiki.

I have two canine love sponges. They are named Apollo and Minette. They are 110 lbs. and 45 lbs. respectively. This means that I do not have to have a security system in my home.

I have a moo-cow puppy named Lucy. She is 53 lbs. of exuberance and is not very well trained. You've been warned.

I like fic. I adore fic. I eatsleepworkbreathe fic. It has been known to completely absorb my sense of reality before. I'm being serious. I like to read just about any kind of fic, although that can also depend on my mood at the time. I have no tolerance for poorly written prose of any sort or pre-established characters acting out of character (save in parody, as that's the point, no?). At times, fandom gets extreme and I am required to air my grievances with various fanfic bitching posts.

Autumn is my sports season. American football is my vice. I could spend an entire day watching college games and not realize that I haven't eaten until the next day. High school football is of particular importance to me as I come from Small Town, TX. Football is our religion and we must render worship at the altar of R Stadium once a week from August until usually December. I am aware of the various "faults" of American football in comparison to other sports, but where I come from, there are no other sports. This is Texas, y'all.

Mental illness is a part of my daily life. Subscribe to my journal and make it a part of yours too! Part of that includes a temper. A nasty one. I have ranting posts where-in I shred people, ideas, and actions to shreds because it helps assuage the anger. If you get offended by it, too bad. That is the point of a journal. Skip over the post. I do cut them so you can tell right off. Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to read it.

My religion is my business, but for the record, I am Muslim. I do rant upon religion in this journal, but behind cuts, as my family is ape-shit Christian and the differences in theology can cause some serious kerfuffles. If you get offended by people talking mean about religions, don't click the post. And if you flame me for my opinions, well, let's just say that I have no reservations on removing guests from my own party.

I am Libertarian and growing more anarchist with each passing day. I don't like your president, I don't like your Congress, I don't like you spending my fucking money. Does this make me a t-bagger? More than likely. Do I care if you don't like it? Not particularly.